How Much Does a Yoga Teacher Training Cost?

Have you ever questioned How much does a yoga teacher training costs? You might find it very surprising that it ranges from 1000$ to over 5000$ and still varies a lot around the world, and sometimes makes it unaffordable.But why do the prices vary this much? Do we actually need to spend this much to become a yoga teacher? Sometimes having this wide range of prices creates more confusion for aspiring yoga teachers especially if it’s your first time.

We are very excited to share this blog Yoga teacher training cost with your where we will talk about all the price breakdown and how to choose the best yoga teacher training course for you. Actually it’s not that complicated as it seems to be, especially if we do well research before making any deposit. There are multiple factors to decide a yoga teacher training costs.

Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Online yoga teacher training programs are conducted entirely online through real time live sessions or self paced recorded sessions. These courses require you to participate for 3-4 hours every day. In live sessions you will meet your teachers and classmates virtually and engage in interactive learning. For the self paced teacher training you can access all recorded sessions at your convenience.

During the online yoga certification program, all learning materials will be provided to you online in pdf format, which you can access anytime and anywhere. This format of the training allows students the flexibility to complete the training from the comfort of their home. Especially if you are someone who travels frequently, this format of training is particularly suitable for you, allowing you to continue your training without interruption, no matter where you are.

How Much Does An Online Yoga Teacher Training Cost?

Serial No.Level of TrainingPrice Range
1200 Hrs Online Yoga Teacher Training Course500$- 1500$
2300 Hrs Online Yoga Teacher Training Course700$- 2000$

Residential Yoga Teacher Training Course:

Yoga teacher training schools typically offer residential yoga teacher training courses. They host these yoga trainings internationally in the most popular destinations for yoga certifications, such as India, Thailand, and indonesia. The teachers in the yoga schools are highly experienced, training hundreds of students every month.

Typically these programs last for 1 month and include classes from morning till evening. All meals and accommodation are provided by the school, offering a full immersive yoga experience. Doing your yoga certification in India is always special, as India is the birthplace of yoga.

During the training you will meet many fellow students who might be on a similar journey. The most beautiful thing about doing a residential yoga certification course is to get the opportunity to form deep connections with like minded individuals.

Factors That Affect Yoga Teacher Training Cost

The cost of yoga certification course will vary based on several factors such as the style of yoga training you wish to learn and teach and the level of yoga training you want to do. According to Yoga Alliance USA, there are 200-hour, 300-hour, and 500-hour yoga teacher training courses.

Other factors that affect the cost include the popularity of the yoga school, the quality of accommodation, what is included in the program, and the specific location, such as which part of the world you choose for your training.

How Much Does 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Cost?

The 200 hour yoga teacher training cost can vary by the training locations. For example, yoga certification cost in India would be around 1000$ to 1500$, this cost not just includes the training but also the accommodation and meals,making it affordable options for many aspiring yoga teachers.

In contrast if you do this training, in any other countries like Spain, Greece, or USA it will cost you much more because of higher cost of living and expenses. Below you can find the list of comparisons of 200 hour yoga teacher course prices in various locations.

 Serial No.LocationDurationPrice Range
1Thailand21-28 days1800$ – 2500$
2Spain18-25 days1500$ – 2500$
3Bali20-23 days1300$ – 3500$
4Costa Rica18-21 days3100$ – 4300$
5USA15-21 days1800$ – 3200$
6Greece11-25 days1500$ – 2200$
7India20-25 days1000$ – 1800$

How Much Does 300 Hour YTTC?

The 300 hour yoga teacher training cost ranges from 1600$ – 5800$. This advanced training is designed for individuals looking to deepen their practice and knowledge, refine their teaching skills, and who have already completed their 200 hr foundational yoga instructor course.

Below we have shared a list of Yoga Alliance-certified courses from various locations around the world. So you can compare the prices of a 300-hour yoga teacher training program that suits your financial needs.

 Serial No.LocationDurationPrice Range
1Thailand25-29 days2500$ – 4000$
2Spain21-35 days2500$ – 5500$
3Bali28-36 days2600$ – 4000$
4Costa Rica26-35 days4800$ – 5800$
5USA22-27 days4000$ – 5000$
6Greece23-25 days3300$ – 5600$
7India27-29 days1600$ – 2500$

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Cost:

 Serial No.LocationDurationPrice Range
1Thailand6-8 days800$ – 1200$
2Spain8-10 days1500$ – 1800$
3Bali3-7 days300$ – 700$
4Costa Rica7-18 days600$ – 3000$
5USA3-5 days400$ – 1000$
6Greece5-10 days1000$ – 2000$
7India5-7 days400$ – 900$

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Cost:

 Serial No.LocationDurationPrice Range
1Thailand5-10 days600$ – 1100$
2Spain8-10 days600$ – 1200$
3Bali4-5 days500$ – 900$
4Costa Rica5-7 days700$ – 900$
5USA3-5 days400$ – 1000$
6Greece5-10 days700$ – 1000$
7India5-7 days400$ – 900$

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much does Bikram yoga teacher training cost?

A: The in-person bikram yoga teacher training cost is from 10,00$ to 15,000$ for shared and private occupancy, there is another option as well to do the training online, and the online bikram training will cost you from 1300$ to 2000$.

Q: How much does a 200 hour yoga teacher training cost?

A: 200 hour yoga teachers training costs around 1000$ to 4300$ depending upon which part of the world you are doing your certification course and the reputation of the yoga institute.

Q: How much does it cost to become a yoga instructor?

A: To become a certified yoga instructor, it’s important to complete at least one yoga certification course accredited by Yoga Alliance USA. A good starting point is the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) which qualifies you as a certified yoga instructor. The yoga instructor course cost ranges from $1,000 to $4,300 based on several factors such as location of the training, facilities provided, reputation of the yoga school, the quality of accommodation, type of food offered, and other inclusions.

Q: How much does a yoga class cost?

A: If you wanna take in person drop in classes at a studio the average cost of a yoga class ranges from 15$- 30$ per class, depending upon the studio’s reputation and location. For those who prefer the convenience of practicing from home, taking an online class is an affordable alternative which typically costs from 5$-20$ per session. weather you choose to practice in a studio or online these options provide flexibility to fit yoga into your daily schedule and budget.

Q: How much does CorePower yoga teacher training cost?

A: On an average core power yoga teacher training price ranges from 1200$ to 4000$. They provide 50 hrs, 200 hrs and 300 hrs which is sufficient to become a certified yoga instructor. You can visit their website for updated prices, information and core power yoga scholarship or promotions.


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