The Transformational Powers Of Yoga

The Transformational Powers Of Yoga
Reading Time: 01min 07sec 11 Nov 2023

The Transformational Powers Of Yoga

The very first impact of regular practice of yoga can be seen on our bodies and fitness. We feel strong, flexible and our pains and aches vanish like they were never there. If we use yoga as an alternative therapy and holistic healing we see a reduction in various health problems that we could be suffering from. Once our body is healthy it will affect the state of our mind positively too. We will find we are sleeping better, eating better and concentrating better.

With yoga we can be assured of a calm and stress free mind that sees the world with a new perception and discovers the joy of living in peace within and peace with all in the world, which is true happiness. Yoga is the best way to get instant and deep relaxation whether it is physical or mental. Yoga helps us to remain focused in the present and so all decisions that we take will be more balanced. Also the yoga technique of firming our intentions helps us to become more specific in asana practice, deliberate breathing or mediating and this deliberate intention slowly brings balance into our life. The balance that yoga brings helps us to deal with every issue big or small, happy or sad with control and mindfulness.

Yoga encourages self awareness and we learn to forgive our mistakes and are more accepting of who we are on the inside. As we get to know ourselves we will be able to relate better to ourselves as we will understand ourselves more. This has the effective of spilling over into all relationships with others and we begin to see more positivity than negativity in our relationship especially when we understand how we are tied to each other in a special bond of universal love.

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