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Reading Time: 01min 04sec 19 Nov 2023

Why You Need Yoga Daily

Should you do yoga daily, weekly or once a year at a yoga retreat is a matter of choice according to what goals you have set for yourself. If you are doing yoga merely as an exercise regimen then there are other choices. However, if you see yoga as a way of life then it makes sense that just like your other routine you incorporate yoga into your daily life for a more wholesome and gainful way of life.

If you are doing yoga to remain flexible, stress-free, disease free and more balanced mentally and physically then you obviously need to get in more yoga so your levels in all these aspects remains at the optimum. Does it make any sense that if you are trying to remedy diabetes, flatulence or high blood pressure you will remedy it only once or twice a week? If prescribed by your doctor you will naturally take a daily dose of pills for some health issues so why not yoga which is an alternative method that can make you disease free?

Yes it requires scheduling and rescheduling to get yoga to fit into your daily routine but the benefits that come from daily yoga are worth it for yoga not only provides exercise to your body but keeps you mentally fit. Stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, which are byproducts of modern life, recur on a day to day basis. A proven combatant like yoga cannot be disregarded but should instead be made into a choice that reaps good rewards for us daily. The personal transformation that you see in yourself with yoga practices needs to continue so that you can reach the ultimate truth. You can achieve this only with a daily practice or you will stagnate and not progress beyond a point.

Rishikesh Yogkulam - Best Yoga School in India

Yin Yang Yoga Academy takes pride in being a sister school to Rishikesh Yogkulam embracing the diversity that exists within the realm of yoga. Whether you are a yogi or just starting your journey our academy aims to complement the teachings of Rishikesh Yogkulam offering a unique combination of Yin and Yang elements that enhance your practice.

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