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Yin Yang Yoga was founded in 2018, born from the vision of Dhirendra Bisht and Amit Payal. Having seen their city change in recent years, Dhirendra and Amit wanted to start a school that truly focused on Yoga and its traditional principles. Today there are thousands of schools in Rishikesh and across the globe, that cater to the increasing stream of students and spiritual seekers from all around the world. This has led most schools to interest themselves in simply making Yoga a money oriented business at the expense of quality.

The two cousins, born and raised in Rishikesh, wanted people to understand and recognize Yoga for its essence and origin. It was this passion that motivated them to start a school with an unmatched level of education. Their mission is to prepare and shape students looking for the true meaning and practices of Yoga and to share this authentic age-old science and knowledge that has been passed down as a legacy through the inhabitants of this plentiful town.

The name Rishikesh Yin Yang Yoga denotes a unification of the name of the city Rishikesh - the world capital of Yoga and “Yin Yang Yoga” which means Yoga family. Amit and Dhirendra chose this name to amplify the core values of familial bonding and instill the same sense of togetherness in their students. These students seldom remain only students and become an integral part of this Yoga family in Rishikesh.

Here are some key aspects of Yin Yang Yoga Academy

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The six values of Rishikesh Yin Yang Yoga are as follows

iconRishikesh Yin Yang Yoga offers a holistic learning programme which explores Yoga not only as a physical practice but also as a lifestyle and spiritual practice.

iconRishikesh Yin Yang Yoga specializes in creating courses for small groups to ensure that each student gets the fullest individual attention from every teacher.

iconRishikesh Yin Yang Yoga strongly believes that Yoga is for everyone irrespective of ethnicity or age. It doesn’t matter where you start; what matters is what you learn along the journey. You dont need to be young, flexible or strong. You just need to be you.

iconRishikesh Yin Yang Yoga strives to convey the authenticity and importance of Yoga teachings on and off the mat and to create a space to practice the art of Yoga with a mindful, encouraging community. Rishikesh Yin Yang Yoga.

iconThe purpose of Rishikesh Yin Yang Yoga is to train future teachers and educate new students in the principles of Yoga.

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Why Choose Yin Yang Yoga Academy?


The Yin Yang Yoga Academy has emerged as the first choice of all those yoga enthusiasts who look for authentic learning and evolution. Yin Yang Yoga Academy appears as a canvas that successfully combines the richness of our traditional knowledge with contemporary teaching methodologies, and hence an experience to be remembered for life.

One of the salient reasons to go with Yin Yang Yoga Academy happens to be its yoga teacher training programs which are designed with careful attention for a student to have a wholesome education. The program combines classical yoga philosophy, and in-depth anatomy with balanced asanas all complimented by the principle of Yin and Yang. Students learn both reflective as well as active methods to become capable in yoga at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

The Yin Yang Yoga Academy has well-experienced teachers with great experience and an urge to spread the knowledge of Yogi Science. Hence, getting fabulous guidance, and personal attention from the instructors, as well as a fabulous sense of community, is one of the best experiences of learning yoga at Yin Yang Yoga Academy.

The daily routine includes not just rigorous training but also sessions of meditation, and spiritual discourses, and gets the richness of yogic culture prevalent in Rishikesh. In addition to this, the academy is accredited by Yoga Alliance guaranteeing the graduates are qualified yoga teachers meeting global standards. Whether aspiring to deepen your personal practice or want to begin a teaching career, Yin Yang Yoga Academy offers a transformative experience beyond physical postures guiding you toward a more balanced and harmonious life.

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